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Nothing beats a stunning, clear day outdoors, but the Australian sun can play havoc with the interior of commercial buildings and houses. Temperatures can rise dramatically and quickly become unbearable, solar glare is an annoyance and UV rays fade and damage furniture, paintwork and carpets over time.

With over 20 years of experience, South Coast Window Tinting is the local tinting expert for all types of buildings. Whether it is a commercial office space with vast window coverage or a domestic property that requires a small amount of tinting, we have a team of dedicated professionals that can install the highest quality sun protection. We stock a range of products made in the USA that each offer a manufacturer warranty and are widely acknowledged as being the best in the industry.


Residential Window Tinting

Window tinting for homes is one of our specialties. Once installed, our premium quality film ensures the comfort of your family and protection of your home. If you want to keep your house cool in summer, reduce glare and bolster privacy, South Coast Window Tinting will achieve all this and more.


OFFICE Window Tinting

Any building with windows is susceptible to the heat, glare and UV extremes of the sun. The exterior of commercial buildings often contains a high percentage of glass and, as such, the associated problems tend to multiply and compound. Heat and glare leads to impaired workplace performance and UV rays cause any furnishings near large glass surfaces to fade rapidly. Office window tinting will keep temperatures down and occupants happy. By regulating the heat this way you can also save considerably on utility bills and reduce the carbon footprint of your business.


” South Coast Window Tinting – Really they provide a great service.. It’s a Good product to help Residential Appliances as well as commercial. I’m thankful to South coast Tinting. – Andrew Williams “


UV Protection Window Tinting

In addition to the more obvious light and temperature effects of the sun, UV rays penetrate untinted glass and damage the objects and material within any building. Our UV protection window tinting will safeguard the interior of your house or office from the effects of 99% of all UV rays, meaning your fittings and furnishings won’t dramatically bleach or fade.


The Finest Materials

Whether you are installing office window tinting, residential window tinting or UV protection window tinting, we use only the finest film in the industry. The USA are recognised as the leading manufacturers of window tinting products in the world and we supply the best in the business. Window Tinting Wollongong stocks 3M, Johnsons, MEP, Bekaert and Suntek, each of who provide written manufacturer warranties. Many cheap imitations exist on the market, but these generally do not offer warranties and prove to be ineffective and a waste of money. If you want the highest quality film installed by an experienced, professional team, we are the Wollongong window tinting experts


Help Meet Code

Australia has a set of building codes that must be met in any new construction, be it a house or commercial property. While there is no specific code for home window tinting or office window tinting, installing window tinting will help you to meet and exceed energy efficiency requirements.

The Benefits of Home Window Tinting

Even the best things in life sometimes have a few drawbacks. Sunshine falls into this category. Australia is famous throughout the world for long, extremely hot summer days, but at times the sun can become overbearing. At the other end of the temperature scale, winter brings some surprisingly chilly conditions. Anyone who has a reasonable amount of window coverage will understand how much the temperature of their home can fluctuate with the seasons and even within individual days.

Wollongong is no exception to the extremes of Australian weather and endures the full spectrum of temperatures. From low single digit figures all the way up to mid 40s on the mercury, the city shivers and sweats as much as the rest of the country. For residents of Wollongong window tinting is the best solution for overheated or cold houses.

Windows are the primary cause of heat gain and loss in any house, so it makes sense to tackle a heating issue at the source. There are various options, but none more cost effective and efficient than window tinting for homes, supplied by South Coast Window Tinting.

Air conditioning is expensive and only a summer solution. Likewise, gas or electric heating are only seasonal fixes and also lead to large utility bills. Dual systems offer a year round solution, but also year round expense. Curtains and blinds are cheaper but less effective options. As they are internal solutions, the temperature control they offer is limited. External heat and cold will enter your house regardless and over the course of a day or night, the temperature can change dramatically inside.

There is only one solution that is both comprehensive and cost effective. If you want to have a more consistent and regulated temperature throughout your home without being affected by the extremes of Australian weather or large bills, South Coast Window Tinting have a great range of film options to suit your house.

Aside from protection from the elements and saving money, there are numerous other benefits to our residential window tinting. Glare can be a major problem for houses that receive a lot of sunshine. Window tints provide relief from bright light and are a great compromise for those who want to enjoy some natural light, without the sharp affect of glare.

Window tinting for homes also offers increased privacy and protection. Large windows may create an overlytransparent space, but tints can block the view of nosey neighbours and passers-by. Choose the level of privacy you want with a variety of films that range from almost unnoticeable to darker shades. The film will also offer an added level of safety from glass shattering in severe weather or breakages.


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