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Like much of Australia, Wollongong receives more than it’s fair share of sunshine and houses and occupants alike can suffer from the many harmful effects. Temperatures can become stifling hot, glare can become a recurring issue and the interior of your house inevitably fades under the UV rays.

Window glazing goes some way to avoiding these problems, but if you want to feel truly comfortable in your own home and protect your investment, residential window tinting is the most effective option.

Maximum Protection

At South Coast Window Tinting we understand the different levels of protection required by different clients. While we always maximise the elimination of harmful effects, our products retain all the benefits the sun provides. Modern technology is such that tints can protect your home, without necessarily darkening it. This means your window views are unimpeded, and your house still receives natural light. We have a full spectrum of light to dark home window tinting options that allows you to control how the sun will affect your home.

Style, Privacy and Protection

The range of home window tinting options also enables you to select a shade or colour that complements your design and decor. This way, you can determine the ideal balance between visual appeal and protection. Not only will home window tinting improve the aesthetic of your property, it will also greatly increase privacy. While others will have difficulty seeing in, your view out needn’t be affected. There is also an option to stengthen your windows with a safety or security film. These lessen the chance of damage from accidents, wild weather or intruders and help guard against the shattering of glass and injury.

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