Office Window Tinting

Vast glass surfaces are a feature of modern architecture. While they ensure plenty of natural light enters a building, they also create heat, glare and security issues. Buildings with large areas of glass have a tendency to heat up extremely quicky, which leads to increased air conditioner use and expensive energy bills. Glare can also be a problem, particularly in offices where work stations are fixed, and glass will always present a safety / security risk.

South Coast Window Tinting can solve all of these issues.

Reduce your Energy Bill and Environmental Impact

A solar film will prevent up to 79% of external heat entering a building, which greatly reduces your air conditioning overheads, effectively paying for itself within a few years. Office window tinting is also environmentally friendly in this way, helping reduce the carbon footprint of your commercial building.

Increase Office Comfort

Installing window tints will make your office a more comfortable space to work in. They regulate temperature throughout a building and prevent both harsh light entering and glare on screens that can negatively effect productivity in the workplace.

Enhance Building Security

A safety or security film over your office windows helps maintain their structural integrity and makes them far less likely to shatter. This has the dual benefit of decreasing the chance of breakages and injuries and helping secure your building from break-ins.

Other Features

With sunlight comes UV rays. These damage the interior structure and furnishings of a commercial property. Carpet, desks, tables and paint all suffer without office window tinting. If privacy is a concern, a darker tint will decrease the view in without compromising the view out. Depending on your specific needs, we also offer anti-graffiti and decorative films to maintain the clean aesthetics of your building.

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