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DIY Home Window Tinting

Window tinting in progress

If you are thinking of tackling a tint job yourself, come into Window Tinting Wollongong and let us advise you on the most appropriate film for your situation, then follow this step by step guide.

You will need: The correct amount of film, a measuring tape, a sharp blade, spray bottle, water, mild detergent, a squeegee and a thick card or block.

  • Measure your glass.
  • Cut the film. You’ll need to add 2-5cm to the earlier measurements to allow exact cutting when applied
  • Try keep the area you are working in free of dust and dirt. Vacuuming prior to installation is recommended
  • Clean the glass as thoroughly and carefully as possible. Avoid ammonia-based products and if possible clean the glass when it is cool, as this is more effective
  • Ensure you have a clean spray bottle
  • Remember that any material left on the glass will be sealed by the film
  • Once cleaned, spray liberal quantities of a liquid solution
    (water with a small quantity of detergent works well) on the glass
  • Carefully peel the outer laying from the film
  • Press the film against the glass, ensuring the entire surface is covered.
    This is easier with two people, particularly if the window is large
  • Spray the film and use a squeegee to push the liquid from beneath it
  • Push from left to right at the top of the window, then top to bottom
    down the centre and, finally, the remainder of the window except for
    the edges
  • Use a sharp blade to cut the extraneous film
  • Apply the squeegee to these outer areas. A thick card may be
    needed to remove any remaining air bubbles